Lindsey Arthur

Muncie Habitat for Humanity, CEO 

Jena Ashby

Muncie Habitat for Humanity

Frank Baldwin

Muncie Mission

Brian Carless

TPA Resident

Mary Lou Gentis

Maring-Hunt Public Library

Jason Haney


Jacquie Hanoman

Ross Center

Neil Kring

TPA Resident

Lezlie McCrory

South Central Neighborhood Association, President

Ray Montagno

Business Action Team Leader

Jason Newman

Boys & Girls Clubs of Muncie, Chief Executive Officer 

Joy Rediger

Urban Light Community Development Corp., Executive Director 

Marissa Rose

Muncie BY5

Debra Simmons

South Central Resident

Danny Smith

Muncie Mission

Darbi Strahle

Muncie Habitat for Humanity

Heather Williams

Ball State University, Associate Director, Office of Community Engagement and Program Manager, Building Better Neighborhoods 


Complex visual explaining the structure of 8twelve. The 8twelve Coalition is a multi sector and resident coalition which meets 3 times per year; this Coalition is made up of four action teams, two committees, and residents from both the South Central and Thomas Park / Avondale neighborhoods. The Steering Committee is a multi sector and resident steering committee that meets monthly. Action teams address housing, beautification, business, and family services and education, and each meet monthly. The leaders table (which is not included in the 8twelve Coalition but is a part of the overall structure) is made up of government, city and funding leaders and meets once per year.

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