About the 8twelve Coalition


Improved Quality of Life


Through planning and action, the 8twelve Coalition advances the goals and aspirations of residents.


Revitalized, inclusive neighborhoods where people choose to live.

The ultimate goal of neighborhood revitalization is improved quality of life in a focused neighborhood. Since the Coalition was started, 8twelve partners have produced extensive insights for how this goal can be achieved. The quality of life framework is a compilation of this understanding and maps how multiple elements work together to achieve improved quality of life. It is being integrated into neighborhood revitalization as a tool to help affiliates and Coalition members better understand how change happens in a neighborhood and where they are in this process.

Ultimate outcome: Improved quality of life. Quality of life is the sense of well-being and happiness experienced by individuals, groups and communities. Sector outcomes: Amenities, economic opportunities, education, health, housing, safety, and transportation. Foundational outcomes: collective action, social cohesion, sense of community.

Reading this Framework

Habitat has learned that the greatest change happens in a neighborhood when people work together—residents, community associations, and partners. It starts first by understanding everyone’s gifts, dreams, and concerns about the neighborhood (see Figure 1, center of map); then building a strong foundation around sense of community and social cohesion (green section), and; finally utilizing this base to collectively act and implement projects that contribute to sector outcomes (movements from green to blue). Arrows at the bottom of the map represent an iterative process, guiding users to continue to build social capital (green) in a neighborhood throughout the revitalization process.

Desired Outcomes

Foundational Outcomes

Sense of Community

Social Cohesion

Collective Action

Sector/Action Team Outcomes


Neighborhood residents have healthy, safe, affordable housing solutions.

Business Development & Employment

Empowered businesses and residents fuel a growing local economy.

Education & Family Support

Kids are confident, connected and curious with healthy, supportive families.


Our neighborhood is safe, functional and inclusive with inspiring infrastructure and amenities.


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