South Central

Live here.

South Central is a lively place! When its houses were built around the turn of the last century, they were built close together with front porches and without garages. Today, this means lots of our lives take place in our front yards, out in the neighborhood. We sit on our porches and say hello as we come and go. We go across the street to borrow an egg or pitch in to work on each other’s cars. Our neighborhood is full of children who play in the streets. You can see them shooting basketball and riding bikes together in the summer and having snowball fights in the winter. These streets connect a diverse group of people – from the older generation who can still tell you the names of everyone who used to live on their block to the young family who just moved into a rental. Everyone who calls these streets home has a life together in common.

We celebrate life here regularly, whether it’s in a spontaneous conversation with a friend driving by or one of the neighborhood association’s parties at the pocket park. People here are what make our neighborhood great. No matter who you are, you fit in here in South Central.

Dream here.

South Central offers a great opportunity to dream together. Our neighborhood was originally built as the place Muncie’s factory workers called home. As in many urban core neighborhoods across the country, those large businesses and many of the families that once anchored the community are gone. But we are still people who know how to work hard, fix things, and do what it takes. We are committed to the work of being neighbors and building a life and community together.

South Central is proud to be part of the 8twelve Coalition, which brings our neighbors, businesses, and community partners together to dream big. Our ideas about the future are important and we’re all in this together. We have seen a lot of change in our neighborhood over the years and we committed to being part of the changes we want to see.

Grow here.

Just like all living things, neighborhoods are either growing or dying. South Central is growing. We are dreaming, planning, coming together, swinging hammers, painting, and planting our way to an even better life together here. We’ve seen difficult days and we are resilient to grow through them. We love the diversity, the liveliness, the creativity, and the surprises of living here. Those strengths help us grow into an even better version of ourselves. Each person who lives and works here brings something unique to the neighborhood to contribute. Our commitment to growth brings out the best in each other and in our neighborhood.

Live here, dream here, grow here with us in South Central!


Our neighborhood

Map showing the 8twelve area and the South Central neighborhood outline. Major roads, rivers, and railroads are also noted.

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About our logo

After meeting with our neighbors and discussing the ideas that come to mind when living in the South Central neighborhood, it was clear that there was not one single symbol that ties this neighborhood together, but rather a series of images to reflect the diversity and ever-changing dynamic of those living and growing in the community. To incorporate several of those pieces, we stacked the words “South” and “Central” to create a house with a window, door, steps, and chimney. We included bubbles coming out of the chimney and a basketball within the “o” in south to symbolize the many children that live and play here. You can also see the grass blades coming up from the bottom with a dandelion outlined in the “r” of central, because dandelions are a tenacious and determined flower, much like the residents in our area.

All of these symbols come together with a bold, thick text representing the strong and resilient nature of the residents. The bright colors of blue and green represent truth, loyalty, growth, and hope. Together, these details embody the complex and resilient South Central community.

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