The 8twelve Coalition brings people together in a structured way to achieve change — that is collective impact. Today we can see many completed activities and projects. However, the process is every bit as important, or perhaps more so, than the completed visible projects. The 8twelve Coalition focuses on the gifts, dreams, and concerns of residents to create and implement our work.

2023 Action Team Outcomes:


– Worked with resident leaders to develop a way to onboard new residents

– Designed a guide for residential homes that integrates resident voice

– Developed housing data sources and created housing indicators for future monitoring

– Created a map of all landlords and rentals in the neighborhood and held meetings with local landlords to an event to encourage engagement and community vision

– Developed a housing impact report with an evaluation of new builds, rehabs on the home and surrounding areas

– Developed design for a 4 plex prototype and identify potential locations


– Completed two dumpster days in both neighborhoods

– Partnered with Urban Light Community Development for the Adopt-a-Lot Program

– Maintenance at Maring Hunt Library Garden, Thomas Park/Avondale Garden, and South Central Pocket Park

– On-going meetings with city departments to increase communication regarding resident concerns and priorities around public services and road and street improvement plans

– 2 murals installed in the neighborhood

– Completed resident listening around green space and additional recreational areas and created a plan

– Installed wayfinding signs for Maring Hunt library & South View Elementary school

Education & Family Engagement

– Funded 7 Adult Education Small Sparks

– Supported local preschool efforts at South View Elementary & Wee Walkers

– Provided professional development opportunities to South View Elementary teachers, early childcare providers, and residents in the neighborhood

– Continued to build awareness and educate families in the 8twelve around importance of early learning and preschool

– Created a neighborhood youth leadership council

– Partnered with existing family engagement activities in the neighborhood around absenteeism, reading/literacy and nutrition

– Supported community-based youth outreach programs

Business & Wellness

– Held local Business Owner Meetings (6 times/ yr)

– Finished Hoyt/Memorial Improvements

– Completed an inventory of all commercial buildings and created a list of preferred types of businesses for the neighborhood

– Researched and planned branding campaign for neighborhood

– Researched options for transportation/health accompaniment solutions

– Advocated for continued resident input into IU Health Crisis Center

– Coordinated monthly peer recovery coach meeting and added 5 new coaches

– Coordinated routinely scheduled networking meeting for outreach workers

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